Sunday Paper provides an outlet for artistic expression without boundaries, thus coinciding with its ethos — creating only to escape ourselves. Published in collaboration with Pseudo Friends.

 Zine, Issues 01-05, Various Sizes, Buy

Low Teens is a newsprint celebrating the album by Every Time I Die. Inspired by epochal hardcore flyers, it presents lyrics and visuals in a raw format. It is a departure from the often extravagant design representing the genre today.

 Newsprint, 12pp, 289 × 380mm

Compliments Of pairs the distances of Voyager 1 and 2 spacecrafts from Earth with video stills of a cheetah in motion. The difference between the two subjects represents spatialized time on both the micro and macro level.

 Book, 168pp, 6 × 9in, ISBN 978-1366214584, Buy

5s, 51841 sq in Images, 3 × 12ft

Still Here is a study of time and memory. In addition to the website, a volume is released each winter to display the year’s data.

 Volume 01, 80pp, 7.25 × 11in

 Volume 02, 27pp, 8.5 × 11in

Your Friend is an ongoing, subscription-based project circulated via postcard. Each card displays an iPhone image and the time it was captured, along with a personalized message. If the receiver chooses to respond, a new card is sent in return. The subscription ends if no response is given. Each correspondence is then indexed for a comprehensive book.

 Postcards, 19 Shipped, 6 × 4in, Subscribe

This Must Be the Place, 13 oz. White Matte Vinyl Banner, 3.5 × 3.5ft